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Chin Filler

Enhance or reshape your chin to improve jawline definition, contour and structure, and overall facial symmetry.

Neck and Chin
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Why choose chin filler?

Opting for chin filler can be an excellent choice for individuals looking to enhance their chin's definition and achieve a more balanced facial profile.



By strategically injecting fillers into the chin area, this treatment can add volume and projection, resulting in a more sculpted and proportionate appearance.

Chin Filler Before & After Results

Experience a sculpted, balanced appearance that complements the natural contours of your face.

What Our Clients Say

"I loved visiting Dream Beauty Clinic. The team is amazing & Liz is highly professional, one of the best medical practitioners I've met so far!."


Chin Filler FAQ

What are Chin Fillers?
Our Chin Filler is designed to reshape or enhance your chin, improving jawline definition and overall facial symmetry.


How does it work?
The filler is injected to add definition and improve the chin's contour.


Do chin fillers hurt?
While there might be some discomfort, pain levels vary among individuals.


What is the downtime?
The majority can instantly resume daily activities, but there's a chance of minor swelling or bruising.


What is the pre and post-procedure care?
We will provide detailed care instructions pre and post-procedure.


Are chin fillers right for me?
If you're interested in a more defined chin and improved facial balance, chin fillers could be a viable option for you.


How long do chin fillers last?
Results usually last from 6 to 12 months, but individual experiences can differ.

Is it permanent/reversible?
Chin fillers are not permanent and can be dissolved if necessary.


What's the cost?
$550 per syringe.


Are chin fillers safe?
Yes, when administered by expert hands.

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